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About This Web Site Project

This web site is a component of the Advancing Women as Peacemakers Project (AWP) of the U.S. Section of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF), and is dedicated to providing sound historical information relating to Jane Addams and the history of American women and peace from her time through the adoption of United Nations Security Resolution 1325 in 2000. A core commitment of the AWP is to "educate the public about the history of women peacemakers." This web site was born from this concept. Scholars, students, teachers, and activists can utilize this web site to learn where to find primary source information about the history of women as peacemakers (see Links). This site also highlights new scholarship on Jane Addams, American women and peace, and SCR 1325 (see our discussion forum). It further showcases original content, such as Louise W. Knight’s comprehensive chronology of Jane Addams’s life, and an historical chart that demonstrates the continuity themes between the WILPF’s 1915 and 1919 resolutions and those concerns articulated in SCR 1325.

This web site was developed and is maintained by a committee of historians, all of whom belong to the JA1325 working group. This committee agreed with the concept that there was a need to develop a space on the internet dedicated to providing accurate historical information about the history of women and peace work, from Jane Addams to the present. The committee of historians stands behind the information displayed on these pages. We hope it is useful to scholars and activists alike. We are all continuing to build on the legacy of peace history in the United States and internationally. Keeping informed current peace work, as well as understanding our peace heritage, is critical.

Those individuals who serve on the Committee of Historians are listed below.

Harriet Alonso
Cyndy Bittinger
Catia Confortini
Kristen Gwinn
Louise W. Knight
Robin Lloyd
Laura Roskos  
Ellen Schwartz

For more information about this committee or to contribute to this website, please contact our web manager.